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Triage Quickstart (Salesforce)

Getting Started

Step 1

Login to Forethought platform and click on Classifiers under Triage. You will see 3 classifiers modules.

Step 2

Click on any classifier to set up and deploy.

 Step 3

If your Salesforce integration is already configured jump to Step 6.

If you see the following screen, click on Configure Integration button.


Step 4

The Salesforce integration configurator panel extends from the left. Select the Salesforce environment you are looking to connect, type and authenticate it.


On successful connection, you will see Connected. Click on Triage > Classifiers and then select one of the classifiers.

Step 5

Click on Get Started


Step 6

Select one or more origins


Click on + Create New Field

The output field will be populated with Sentiment_FT. (For spam detection, this will default to Spam_FT and for language detection, this will default to Language_FT )


Step 7

A pop up explains The classifier will output to the Salesforce field “Spam_FT”, click Confirm and save.

Step 8

Toggle Inactive to Active


Click on Activate

Now the model is active and all incoming tickets from the origins selected in salesforce will be tagged with the activated models and the value will be written to the configured output field.

You can also see the model is active in the classifier screen


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