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Forethought Assist Installation Guide

Forethought Assist is our Google Chrome extension that allows users to use all of the features Assist offers without adding or making changes within your help desk. Forethought Assist acts as a central knowledge point where agents can access all the materials they need to solve support tickets.

Forethought Assist offers valuable insights to help your agents improve their time to first response, improve time to close tickets, and improve the overall experience of solving support tickets.



The Forethought Assist Chrome Extension can be found on the chrome web store. You will gain access to install the extension after speaking to your Forethought Customer Success Manager. They will provide you with an installation URL. Once you navigate to the provided URL, simply click the Add to Chrome button to get started.


After clicking the Add to Chrome button, you will be prompted to enter your work email to join your team.  


Once you have entered in your email, you should have been navigated to a page informing you that you're all set!



Adding Agents to Assist

Forethought will define the number of seats your org has access to assign agents to.  Agents can be added to assist by notifying Forethought and providing the agent's name and email.  If you are an admin user, you will have access to adding agents yourself through the Forethought dashboard under Settings > Team.  


You will be able to add your agents to your organization by entering their name, email, and selecting AGENT as their permission level.

image (2).png

After clicking the Create button, your agent will receive an email prompting them to join your team.  The user must accept the invitation to use Forethought Assist.



Installation Issues

After entering your email, you may be navigated to the following page notifying you that your organization was not found.


If you see this page, please reach out to your Forethought Customer Success Team, and we will be happy to assist you further. 


Enabling Forethought Assist in Salesforce

If you are using Salesforce as your support helpdesk, it is important to note that Forethought Assist requires a specific Salesforce Lightning package to be installed and visible on your case pages. To install the appropriate package, please contact your Customer Success Manager who will provide further guidance. Once the package is installed, all features of Forethought Assist will be readily available for use.

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