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SupportGPT™: Forethought's Generative AI for Customer Support


What is SupportGPT™?

SupportGPT™ is the world’s first generative AI platform for customer support. It will bring OpenAI’s Large Language Model behind ChatGPT directly into Forethought’s platform. SupportGPT will make Solve and Assist responses more human-like (more relatable, empathetic, conversational, and witty), discover new workflows automatically, support agents by suggesting responses that take into account both context & ticket history, and proactively surface support coverage gaps within the support organization. SupportGPT will even generate new knowledge articles automatically to help your team fill those gaps in your knowledge base.

What are the benefits of SupportGPT™?

Human-like conversations: Empathetic, dynamic responses—powered by the same AI models behind ChatGPT—which adapts to conversation and user context.

Automated workflow discovery: Fully integrated with your conversation history to detect intents and uncover new workflows automatically.

Complete agent responses: Agents get fully-formed suggested responses automatically—based on ticket context and powered by generative AI.

Gap detection and content generation: ​​Be notified of support coverage gaps and automatically generate new knowledge articles and lower case volume.

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