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How to create custom intents in Workflow Builder

Creating the intent is an important part of Solve’s customer journey. It is the starting point of understanding what your customer is looking to accomplish and using the workflow built within Forethought to accomplish the resolution of that inquiry. To learn more about intents, you can read it here: What is an intent?

  1. Navigate to Solve > Workflow Builder


  2. Click “New Custom Intent” Screenshot_2023-04-10_at_11.26.58_AM.png

  3. Type in your intent display name. Example: “Forgot Password” Screenshot_2023-04-10_at_11.27.13_AM.png

  4. Type in at least five training phrases for your intent. You can read more about best practices for training your intent here: How to train intents? Screenshot_2023-04-10_at_11.27.32_AM.png

  5. Click “Add Intent”. This will save your new intent and take you into the Workflow Builder experience for that intent. Screenshot_2023-04-10_at_11.27.55_AM.png
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