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How to create actions in Action Builder?

Actions play a crucial role in Solve Workflows. The Action Builder sets up API connections between Forethought and different systems to gather or send information, enabling the resolution of complex customer inquiries that would typically require a live agent. To learn more about APIs, you can read them here: What is an API?

Steps in creating actions in your Forethought dashboard:

  1. Navigate to Solve > Action BuilderScreenshot_2023-04-10_at_11.44.28_AM.png
  2. Click on "+ Action" Screenshot_2023-04-10_at_11.44.52_AM.png
  3. Enter your API endpoint. The format of the API endpoint is similar to that of a URL in your web browser. To learn more about API endpoints, visit here: What is an API? Screenshot_2023-04-10_at_11.48.10_AM.png
  4. Choose what type of action you would like to select. To learn more about these options, visit here: What is an API? Screenshot_2023-04-10_at_11.48.37_AM.png

  5. Enter your Params, Headers, and Authorization (if needed). To learn more about Params, Headers and Authorization, visit here: What is an API? Screenshot_2023-04-10_at_11.50.21_AM.png
  6. Click continue to move forward to Outputs Screenshot_2023-04-10_at_11.51.07_AM.png
  7. You will be presented with the different outputs from your API endpoint. You can now select which endpoints you want to use within this Action by clicking on the Output Parameter. To learn more about Output Parameters, visit here: What is an API? Screenshot_2023-04-10_at_11.52.16_AM.png
  8. Now that you’ve selected your Output Parameters, you will need to select which Context Variables you want to match to the Output Parameters. If you have not created the Context Variable yet, you will need to do so beforehand. Screenshot_2023-04-10_at_11.53.14_AM.pngScreenshot_2023-04-10_at_11.53.21_AM.png
  9. Once you’ve mapped all of your Output Parameters to your Context Variables, click Continue. Screenshot_2023-04-10_at_11.54.11_AM.png
  10. Finalize creating your action by giving it a title and a description, then click Save ActionScreenshot_2023-04-10_at_11.54.59_AM.png
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