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How to create a response in Solve Email?

The response is how Forethought will respond to your customers for the given intent your customers’ inquiries align to. You can create multiple responses per intent, especially if your workflow has multiple branches that can result in different responses.  

To create a response, please follow the following steps:

  1. Click on the intent you’d like to create an email response for Screenshot_2023-04-10_at_12.15.27_PM.png

  2. Click on the Email tab in Solve Workflow Builder Screenshot_2023-04-10_at_12.16.19_PM.png

  3. Click on "+ New response" Screenshot_2023-04-10_at_12.16.52_PM.png

  4. Give your new response a title. Choose a title that you will remember, as the name of the response will be used in the Journey Map when selecting which responses you want to use for various branches of the journey. Screenshot_2023-04-10_at_12.17.16_PM.png

  5. Now that you’ve created your new response, you can select from the various components to create your email template: Text, Button, Image, Feedback, Static Articles, and Dynamic Articles.
    1. Add text to the email response
    2. Add buttons to the email response
    3. Add images to the email response
    4. Add feedback to the email response
    5. Add static articles to the email response
    6. Add dynamic articles to the email response

  6. Your email response will autosave with your changes and will take affect after the journey map has been published.


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