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How to send a test response from your Solve Email Journey Map?

You've created your Solve Email responses and journey map, now you want to send a test to see how your customers will see the response based on your journey.  

  1. Once you've navigated to the journey map of the intent you want to test, click on "Test Journey". Screenshot_2023-04-11_at_10.36.34_AM.png

  2. Type in the email that you'd like to create the ticket and send the response to. Screenshot_2023-04-11_at_10.36.41_AM.png

  3. Click "Send". Screenshot_2023-04-11_at_10.36.47_AM.png

  4. Done!  Your test ticket will be created in your help desk and you will receive the appropriate response based on your defined journey. Screenshot_2023-04-11_at_10.36.59_AM.png
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