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Jira Initial Setup Guide

There are a few quick steps to take before getting started with your Forethought products. Please follow the step outlined below to the best of you ability. Once you are done with these or if you have any questions along the way, feel free to reach out to your Forethought Customer Success team.

For Jira you might need an additional connector for Confluence if you are utilizing confluence in any Forethought products and one for Jira Service Management if you are not using Jira Core for tickets. 


*** Please note these are instruction are ONLY if Jira is your main Helpdesk they are not required if you are only using the connector for indexing information in ***

1. Create a Forethought Integration User

It is considered best practice to set up and authorize our products through an Integration user. This way your connector is not reliant on a real employees account, which can be subject to change and as a result may effect your Forethought products. 

Creating a Forethought Integration user in your environment will give you full control over the access rights that Forethought has. Forethought uses this user to access your data through your help desks API. Do this by simply creating a user like you normally would:

    1. Go to your site's Admin at If you're an admin for multiple sites or an organization admin, click the site's name and URL to open the Admin for that site.

    2. Select Invite users from the Users list page.

    3. Enter the Email address you want the user to log in with (you can enter more than one at a time or a string of them using a space or comma). For Forethought feel free to use and the emails of your Forethought Customer Success team. 

    4. Select where you would like to allow other users with this email domain to self signup. You won't see this option until you've entered an email address.
    5. Select the Role _____ for this user
    6. Select products from the Products access list. When users get an invite, we'll add the user to the groups for the products you select, so you can always change them later.

    7. Add the user to additional groups for your site. ????
    8. Select Invite users(s)

For full instructions please refer to the Atlassian documentation on creating users.


*  Note: Some Write permissions may be required depending on Forethought products purchased.

** Note: If you do not have seats available to create a Forethought integration user, you may proceed to step 2 - Authorize Forethought while logged into any existing admin account.

Please keep in mind that if this user is ever deleted/suspended or has their admin permissions revoked, that will break Forethought's integration with your help desk and to restore services you will need to correct the existing account or repeat the authorization process with a different admin account.

For this reason, we strongly recommend using a dedicated integration user if possible.


2. Verify permissions

*** Please not for Jira Service Management are stored in separate permissions and will need to be verified. Let your customer support team know you are using Jira Service Management


3. Generate API Keys

Through this process please remember to keep your API keys safe, hidden, and inaccessible to anyone outside of admins. Create an API token from your Atlassian account by:

  1. Log in to

  2. Click Create API token.

  3. From the dialog that appears, enter a memorable and concise Label for your token and click Create.

  4. Click Copy to clipboard, then paste the token to your script, or elsewhere to save:

For additional context please refer to Jira's documentation on this


4. Set up your connector

Once you've verified all the requirements in step 1 and 2 you can then set up your connector. To get started simply navigate to the Forethought Dashboard > Settings Integrations. If you do not have access to the dashboard yet please contact your Forethought Customer Success team. 

Scroll down and select the connector you want to set up. A side panel on the right should open up. Here you will need to input:

    1. Your help desks Domain. Which is also the base URL of where your agents work. For example
    2. Email or Username of the Integration User Created in step 1
    3. The API key generated for the user in step 3

Once you have all that information in and you have verified it is correct, hit connect. The status in the top right should go from Disconnected to Connected. If you exit out of the side panel that connector will now be at the top of the Integrations page under the Active section. 

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