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Release Notes | 31 Aug 2023

Below are the latest and greatest additions to the Forethought suite of products! If you have any questions, please submit a ticket.


Solve Widget | Query Contextualization

Solve Widget is now context-aware! The Widget is now able to rephrase end-users questions by looking at past conversation history and resolving references. For example:

  • Customer asks “What is the referral program?“
  • Widget responds with an article
  • Customer asks “How do I apply?“
  • Widget is now able to rephrase to “How do I apply to the referral program?“, which is a complete representation of what the customer is asking for, and yields improved results.


Solve Widget | Conversations Tab

Admins had a hard time seeing the complete chatbot conversation transcript and predicted intents during the chat session. So, we built a new feature that allows Admins access to a new Solve Widget tab called Conversations. Here you can perform the following tasks:

  • View full conversation transcript
  • View the triggered intents
  • CSAT score per conversation
  • Quickly assign the key phrase to a new intent

Check out the full scoop here.


Solve Widget | Conversational Reply

This feature acts as "conversation glue" and can help generate a better response when a user's query is not meaningful or valid, such as "Hi, good morning, can I get some help?" -

  • BEFORE: Without conversational reply, the widget will respond with "Sorry, I don't know how to answer your question."
  • AFTER: Now, with conversational reply, the widget will provide a better response such as "Good morning! How can I assist you today?".

This feature has been automatically enabled for all our customers who have not opted out of SupportGPT.


Solve Email | Title & Body Fields in Test Journey

You can now add the title and body when using the test journey. Previously, we only used the first training phrase of the intent, but now you can test and simulate it almost like a real ticket. Why is this impactful? Now you can fully test other questions with the dynamic article component. It will look up the article just like emails in production.

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