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Enhanced Solve Widget Preview Features

The 'Preview' feature has just received some powerful upgrades, ensuring you get the most accurate and seamless experience while setting up your Solve Widget Workflows.

What’s New?

Unified Preview Experience: Say goodbye to confusion! No matter where you access the Preview button, the experience is now consistent. We’ve streamlined the functionality to ensure you get the same great experience every time. Remember, you can find the Preview button in three places: on the Solve Widget Workflow Main Page, while building Workflows, and on the Widget Configurations page. Look for it in the upper right section of the screen for easy access.

Draft Mode Simulation: Test drive your ideas! Now, you can preview your published Intents and simulate those still in draft. Fine-tune your workflows to perfection before they go live, ensuring a flawless customer experience.


Multi-Intent Preview: Need to see how multiple Intents interact? Easy! Select and run multiple Intents in Preview to understand and diagnose Intent routing like never before. Plus, with our new filtering options, you can group and manage the Intents you want to test with unparalleled ease.

Context-Sensitive Theme Switching: Your Preview page now smartly adapts to your workflow environment. If you're arriving from the Classic Workflow Tree builder, you'll be greeted with a crisp light mode. Transitioning from the Autoflows policy page? The interface seamlessly shifts to a sleek dark mode. This intelligent feature ensures your eyes are comfortable and your focus stays sharp, no matter where you're coming from.

These enhancements are designed to give you greater control and confidence in how you set up and preview your customer interactions. We believe this will streamline your workflow and elevate the overall setup process, so you can focus on what matters most - creating exceptional customer experiences.

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