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How to Leverage Your Workflow by Using Business Logic Components

The Business Logic Components allow you to create and customize workflows within the Solve product. You can access these from the right pane of your workflow interface. They help you enhance your workflow’s functionality and user experience. There are seven components you can use:

  1. Create new Options
  2. Create new Forms
  3. Create new Conditions
  4. Add an Image 
  5. Add a Video
  6. Create Dynamic Cards
  7. Add CSAT Survey Trigger Point

Create a workflow 

To use use Business Logic Components, you need to create a workflow first. To create a workflow, go to Solve > Workflow Builder > Create New > Intent. For a more detailed guide on creating a workflow, see How to Build Your First Workflow in Classic Mode.

Improve a Workflow using Business Components

If you have already created your workflow, you can add Business Logic Components to customize and enhance its functionality. These components allow you to create various options, forms, conditions, images, videos, dynamic cards, and CSAT surveys within your workflow. To learn more about each of these components, read the articles below.

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