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How to create Options

The Create New Options component can define multiple pathways within your workflow, each representing a different option. This allows for a more dynamic and adaptable workflow, which can handle a variety of scenarios and conditions.

Create New Options

1. Navigate to Create new Options in your workflow builder. This is located in the right pane under the Business Logic section.

2. Drag and drop the Create new options component into your workflow.

3. Fill out the options message and options field according to your preference. For example, if a customer’s order did not arrive on the estimated delivery date, you might want to add choices such as “Track my order”, “Report a problem”, and “Contact customer service” to better assist the customer.

4. Click Save to add your options to your workflow.

5. Select an option.

6. Type a message or drag a step under it as a response. This ensures that when the customer clicks an option, the appropriate response will be shown. Repeat this process for the other options.

7. After finalizing your options and their corresponding responses, you may check if the options are working by clicking Preview Intent.

8. If it’s working properly, you are now ready to publish your workflow.


An issue you may encounter

To ensure your options function correctly and your workflow can be published, it’s important to provide a response for each of your options. If there are any yellow exclamation points present, you will not be able to publish your workflow. These exclamation points indicate that there are empty branches that need to be filled by providing responses to your options.


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