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How to create Forms

The Create new Forms component allows you to create various options fields according to your business needs. It also helps you collect specific information from the users interacting with your workflow, making it essential to capture the necessary data and information required for your workflow. 

Create new Forms

1. Navigate to Create new Forms in your workflow builder, which is located in the right pane of your dashboard.

2. Drag and drop the Create new Forms component into your workflow.

3. Write a message that prompts your customer to fill out the form.

4. Add context variables in the Form field. For example, if you want to know the customer’s username and email address to help them reset their password, you can use “$User Name” and “$Email” as your context variables.

5. Once you are satisfied with your message and context variables, click Save.

6. Before you publish your workflow, make sure it’s working properly by clicking Preview Intent.

7. Once your workflow's ready, click Publish.

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