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How to create Conditions

The Create New Conditions component enables you to set specific conditions or rules within your workflow. This component allows for dynamic and conditional operations based on the information collected in the form, adding complexity and customization to enhance your workflows' capabilities.


Before you can create a condition, you need to add a form to your workflow to collect the information you want to use in the condition. For more information on creating a form, see How to Use Forms.

Create new Conditions

1. Navigate to your workflow builder and locate Create new Conditions in the right pane under the Business Logic section.

2. Drag and drop this component into your workflow and customize it as needed.

3. Create a display name for your condition.

4. Set a context variable. To create a custom context variable, see Managing Context Variables. In this example workflow, the goal is to help the customer reset their password. Therefore, the necessary context variables are the customer's username and email address.

5. Choose a filter operator. Filter operators are used to filter your data based on specific conditions. In this example, I want to verify if the username and email address provided by the user in the form match any information in our system. Thus, for both conditions, I will use the "is" filter operator.

6. Specify your desired text. For example, using the "is" filter in the first condition, I want the username to be "Josephine 123" exactly. In the second condition, the email address should be the exact same match as "".

7. For an Otherwise condition, you need to have two conditions. 

8. Click Save.

9. In your workflow, select a condition and enter a response message. This ensures the correct response when the customer inputs their information. Repeat this step for the other conditions.

10. Add a response message to the “Otherwise” condition.

11. Click Preview Intent to check your workflow.


12. Click Publish.

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