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How to Create a Knowledge Retrieval

Knowledge retrieval is the process of finding and retrieving relevant articles for customer questions that do not match a specific intent. If no articles are found, it triggers the default handoff workflow, which connects users to human agents for further assistance. This article will guide you through creating a knowledge retrieval that you could use to enhance your workflow.


Setting Up Knowledge Retrieval in Your Workflow

  1. In your workflow builder, click the toggle switch to activate knowledge retrieval in your workflow. This also activates the Standard Handoff. Turning the Knowledge Retrieval workflow will automatically activate Other Questions and vice versa.


  1. Click on "Knowledge Retrieval”
  2. Customize it by clicking on the "Customize" option.

  1. In the "Dynamic Article Suggestion" section, you can choose from three options for the "Read Article" action: "New Tab," "Expand Widget," and "None”. The “New Tab” opens the article in a new browser tab. The “Expand Widget” expands the article widget to show the full article. Lastly, the “None” option takes no action when the user clicks the “Read Article” button. If you select the “None” option, no links will direct you to a full article. To ensure that the read article action is working, you need to click “Publish”.

5. You can select your article source from diverse knowledge bases according to your business needs.

To see the list of available article sources, you need to connect your knowledge bases, such as Zendesk, Confluence, Freshdesk, etc., to your Forethought dashboard. You can do this by going to the “Integrations” tab on the left side of your dashboard under the Settings dropdown. Each knowledge base requires some information to set it up. For more details on how to connect your knowledge sources, please refer to this article.

  1. You can also “Add Filter Field”. The filter field allows you to extract selected information from your article source. To elaborate, let’s say you have a collection of articles, but you only want your chatbot to use the ones that meet specific criteria, such as articles that are in public. You can use a filter field to display only the articles that meet this criteria and hide the rest. 

For example, let’s say you have 50 articles, but only 30 are public, and the other 20 are private drafts. If you want your chatbot to extract articles that are public, you can use the filter field with the following criteria: 

  1. Customize the "Feedback" section located next to the Dynamic Article Suggestion.

  1. After customizing all your feedback texts, click “Save”.

  1. To check if your workflow is functioning correctly, click "Preview Intent”.
  2. Since Knowledge Retrieval activates when it doesn't find a specific intent match, try asking the chatbot a question like, "How do I change my shipping information?". The chatbot will then provide you with a suitable response containing links to relevant articles from the connected knowledge base.


  1. Select the feedback button to show a pre-defined response that was configured earlier.


  1. If the workflow is working properly, you're now ready to publish it.
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