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Creating an Autoflow policy is made easier with Autoflow templates

Are you having a hard time creating your own Autoflows policies? We’ve got you covered! Our new feature, Autoflows Template, is now available in our Solve product. This feature streamlines Autoflows policy creation process, making it more efficient and user-friendly. Autoflow templates provide an easy way to preview effective Autoflows and display available actions such as context variables, handoffs, intent routings, and actions to help you build your own customized workflows.


Where to find the Autoflows Template

1. Click Solve on the right side of your Forethought dashboard

2. Click on Workflow Builder

3. Click on Templates


4. Simply click on a template to view the pre-built Autoflow policy and see a preview of the conversation flow. 

Keep in mind that these template policies are read-only, meaning you can’t make changes to them. They’re intended to guide you in creating your own tailored policies. You can use them as a reference point without worrying about them interfering with your current configurations in your workflow. If you want to use and make changes to these templates, you are able to do so by cloning them. 

5. You can access active actions by clicking Available Actions on the right side of your dashboard. These include Actions, Handoffs, Context Variables, and Intent Routings.

6. View other templates by clicking on Templates below Available Actions

7. You can easily switch to view other templates by clicking on the checkbox


Previewing Autoflows Templates

1. After selecting a template, click Preview at the top right corner of your dashboard.

2. You can now see the preview of your selected template

3. When previewing a template, there’s an instruction below the widget.


Instructions in each Autoflows template in preview mode

Track Order Status Template

It is designed to help end users in tracking the status of their orders. To test this template, try to type in specific Order IDs corresponding to different order statuses. For example:

  • Type ‘111’ to check the delivered order
  • Type ‘1829’ to inquire about a shipped order
  • Type ‘0902’ to get information about a delayed order

Return Policy Template

This template helps users understand the return policy based on their membership status. Test this template by typing a membership status predefined in the context variable. For instance:

  • Type ‘Silver’ to learn about the return policy for Silver members
  • Type ‘Gold’ to get information about the return policy for Gold members

Cancel My Order Template

This is designed to assist users in canceling their orders. To test this template, type a specific Order ID. For instance:

  • Type ‘456’ to cancel a valid order. Any other number entered will not cancel the order.



Reset My Password Template

This template helps users with password reset questions. Try to engage in natural conversation regarding password-related concerns. For example:

  • Ask questions like ‘how long will this process take?’ to learn about the password reset duration.

  • Ask ‘what if I lost my email address’ to know what the necessary steps you can take.

Warning Message when Intent Switching

A warning message will appear when you try to switch intent during a conversation in preview mode. For example, if the intent is about ‘tracking order’, and you then inquire about  ‘store promotions’, this action will trigger an intent switch. Please note that the Autoflows template does not support different intents in preview mode. However, intent switching is available in normal previews. 


Cloning an Autoflows Template

If you want to use a template and make changes, you should clone the template. To do this, simply click Clone template on the upper right corner of your dashboard.


After cloning a template, customize and modify it to align with your specific preferences. Please take note that the actions only function in template mode. Thus, if you want to have actions in your workflow after cloning the template, you need to add it manually.


Once you’ve made your customizations, you’re ready to publish your workflow!

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