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Set up Solve with Zendesk

Are you ready to take your help desk to the next level with Forethought? In this series of videos, we will show you how easy it is to connect Zendesk to Forethought, see the results in action, and create custom intents with Autoflows and Classic mode. You will be amazed by how Forethought can help you improve your customer satisfaction, reduce ticket volume, and save time and money. Let's get started!


I. Integration with Zendesk

This video will show you the necessary steps to integrate Zendesk into your Forethought dashboard. This will enable you to connect with your customers and improve your customer service seamlessly.


II. Previewing Zendesk

Once the integration with Zendesk is complete, you can preview its functionality within the Workflow Builder. This will allow you to see how Zendesk operates within your Forethought environment.


III. Creating Intents

After successfully integrating Zendesk with Forethought, we now move on to the critical step of creating intents. This tutorial will introduce two methods for creating intents: Autoflows and Classic mode. We will also explore how to enhance the process of creating intents by using Business Logic Components, Actions, and Context Variables. These tools will help you tailor your service to your specific business needs.



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