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Discover’s Two-Level Taxonomy

Discover offers a 2-level taxonomy system that allows you to explore the topics in more depth. This system improves how topics are classified into categories and now also shows topic overviews. The first level consists of 'Primary Topics', which are broad areas that include a range of specific topics. For example, 'Account Management' is a primary topic that covers various aspects of managing your account. The second level consists of 'Subtopics', which are more focused and detailed topics that belong to a primary topic. For instance, 'Update shipping address', 'Unable to Log In', and 'Password Reset Request' are some of the subtopics under 'Account Management'. This hierarchical categorization makes it easier to identify customer queries and provides a more accurate and fine-grained framework.


Navigate Discover's Two-Level Taxonomy

1. On your Forethought dashboard, click Discover.

2. Click on All Topics

3. To see more details about the topics, you can use the toggles on the upper side of the screen. The toggle next to "Expand Topics" will reveal all the subtopics under each main topic. The toggle next to "% Change" will display the percentage change of each topic over time. Percent change is the comparison of a topic between the current selected time period versus the previous selected time period. Positive (+) percent change indicates the topic has increased, while negative (-) percent change indicates the topic has decreased.

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