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Enhance Your Productivity and Efficiency with Ticket Summary and Response Generation Features in Assist

The Ticket Summary and Response Generation features in Assist are designed to help you efficiently manage support tickets at your help desk. These features streamline your workflow by reducing the time and effort required to handle support requests. They are compatible with a wide range of help desks, ensuring improved performance regardless of your preferred platform. The compatible help desks are the following:

    • Zendesk
    • Salesforce
    • Freshdesk
    • Kustomer
    • ServiceNow
    • JIRA Service Manager
    • Intercom


Get Started

  1. Install Forethought Assist. For more information, see Forethought Assist Installation Guide.
  2. Log in to your help desk support agent account.
  3. Select and open a ticket.
  4. Click Assist. This prompts the widget to analyze the selected ticket.Assist.png
  5. Examine the Ticket Summary. Our AI automatically generates a detailed summary of the entire ticket conversation history. The summary refreshes with every new interaction, offering you the most current overview at all times. This helps your agents to grasp the context of the ticket quickly.
    Ticket Summary.png
  6. Customize the automated response. Below the summary, a response is generated based on the context of the ticket, historical tickets, and knowledge base articles. If the ticket is in another language, our AI automatically detects the language and generates a response that matches the language used in the ticket. The response is fully customizable, allowing you to do the following:
    • Make the reply shorter or longer.
    • Change the tone or add more context for a tailored reply.
    • Change the language. For more information on the supported languages, see Assist Overview
  7. Choose from the generated responses to insert in your reply and customize it to your preference.
Example of an AI's initial response to the ticket
Response Generation.png


Examples of regenerated responses using prompts

Prompt: Make it formal

Prompt: Make it in Spanish
Make it formal.png Change language into Spanish.png


Demo Video of Assist Ticket Summary and Response Generation 

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