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Privacy Consent Modal

The Privacy Consent Modal is a feature designed to enhance privacy management. This customizable tool enables administrators to craft a personalized privacy message, incorporate links to additional resources, and adjust the call-to-action (CTA) button according to their requirements. The Privacy Consent Modal displays a tailored paragraph of text on the screen, ensuring users are informed about their privacy options before starting a conversation with the chatbot.


This feature is made available to Forethought customers for use. The customer is fully responsible for ensuring that this feature and any inputs, including the tailored privacy message and linked resources, comply with data privacy and/or other relevant laws, rules, and regulations. Customers are strongly advised to consult their legal counsel to ensure compliance with such laws, rules, and regulations. Forethought disclaims all liability for any non-compliance, legal issues, or disputes that may arise from the use of the privacy feature.

Configuration Guide

1. In your Forethought dashboard, click Solve.

2. Select Widget Configuration.

3. On the right side of your dashboard, click Privacy.

4. Enable the feature by checking the box beside Before conversation starts. This ensures the privacy consent modal is displayed before a user initiates a conversation.

5. Customize your privacy consent modal:

    • Modify the prompt's headline to better capture your privacy message.
    • Insert a link to your privacy policy, providing users with comprehensive information about their privacy rights.
    • Modify the call to action label to encourage user engagement.

6. As you make changes, preview them in real time on the left panel.

7. Once satisfied with the customization, click Preview to test the functionality.

8. Ready to go live? Click Publish to implement the privacy consent modal across your workflow.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Will the privacy consent box reappear for users who have already accepted it when they revisit the widget?

  • If persistence is enabled for your organization, the privacy consent box will not reappear within a 12-hour window. Without persistence, the box will reappear every time the widget is accessed. To enable or disable persistence, please contact your Customer Success Manager.

2. What happens if a user has not accepted the privacy consent box and returns to the widget?

  • The privacy consent box will continue to appear upon each visit until the user accepts it.

3. If a user does not accept the privacy consent, is their interaction not recorded as a conversation?

  • Correct. If the user has not accepted the privacy consent, their interaction will not be recorded as a conversation.

4. Is the privacy consent box available in Solve Lite?

  • At present, the privacy consent box is exclusive to the Solve Widget.
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