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Customers widely use the Knowledge Base feature to access existing content with ease. Many customers recently expressed interest in obtaining data-driven insights into their article performance. As a result, we are pleased to announce the availability of the Article Insights feature. This feature will allow customers to comprehensively analyze their article performance and access various metrics.


Total number of articles surfaced

This count increases every time an article is presented during a chat session. If multiple articles are utilized within the same chat session, each article will contribute to the total count, reflecting the cumulative usage accurately.

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Number of clicks on the article hyperlink

The click-through rate signifies how many times one or more article hyperlinks were clicked. However, this data alone doesn't provide conclusive insights into user behavior; clicking could indicate either interest in learning more or dissatisfaction with the paraphrased information. We suggest combining this metric with the CSAT score to gain a deeper understanding of user engagement and satisfaction.

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Article Deflection Rates

Gain insights into how frequently each article effectively deflects customer queries. Customers often have access to thousands of articles for reference. We provide information on the frequency of use for each article, empowering you with valuable data to enhance customer support efficiency.

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Average Customer Satisfaction (CSAT) Survey Score

This indicates the average CSAT score of all the conversations where the article surfaced. Again, keep in mind that if there were multiple articles in one Chat Session, all the articles would inherit the CSAT of that Session. 

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Related Articles Feature

Explore the Related Articles feature, which showcases commonly referenced articles when a particular article is surfaced. This feature enables you to effortlessly cross-reference multiple similar article sources, ensuring consistency and accuracy in your support content. Get ready to streamline your support process like never before!

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Export Data

You can download the data from your dashboard by clicking the download icon. This will generate a CSV file containing the displayed data.

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