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Personalize Your Customer Satisfaction Survey (CSAT) to Fit Your Needs

You can now customize your Customer Satisfaction Survey (CSAT) to fit your specific requirements and preferences. This customization feature is now directly available within the Widget, making it easier and more convenient for you to personalize your CSAT. With this new feature, you'll be able to gather more relevant and actionable insights from your customers, helping you to improve your business and provide a better overall customer experience.


Steps in customizing your CSAT

  1. In your Forethought dashboard, navigate to the Widget Configurations Tab under Solve.
  2. Click the new CSAT icon on the right side of the screen.
  3. Configure your CSAT on the main screen to suit your preferences.

The changes here will get applied globally to all the widget conversations, so you don’t need to configure them for every Workflow.

CSAT Widget Config.gif

How to monitor your CSAT results

  1. Monitor your CSAT results by visiting the Solve → Workflow Builder → Chats Tab.
  2. Review the individual CSAT responses by clicking on the individual Chats.
  3. You can also export the CSAT data via the Solve Analytics Tab (which will be available soon).

Monitoring CSAT.gif


How to add a CSAT Trigger Point in a workflow

  1. Go to Workflow Builder under the Solve product.
  2. Select an intent
  3. On the right side of your dashboard, drag and drop the CSAT Survey Trigger Point to your canvas.
  4. Preview your workflow.

CSAT Trigger Point.gif


Understanding CSAT Triggering Logic

  • Minimize and Trigger Point: When both the minimize option and a trigger point are enabled, a user will receive a maximum of two prompts to take the CSAT.
  • Multiple Trigger Points: In workflows with several trigger points, the user will only be prompted at the first trigger point they encounter. Subsequent trigger points are ignored.
  • Response Flexibility: Users have the opportunity to respond to the CSAT prompt once, but they can update their response if they want to.
  • Platform Availability: The trigger point feature is exclusive to Classic workflows, whereas the minimize/anytime option is available for both Classic and Autoflows.


Various Scenarios of How CSAT Survey Appears in a Chat Widget

There are various methods to initiate a CSAT Survey in a chat, and you can customize them according to your preference in the Widget Configuration or Workflow Builder. To learn more about how this process works, please refer to the table below.

CSAT Trigger Point (1)-1.png

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