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Make your widget more interactive with Dynamic Card

Dynamic Cards offer an interactive way to display dynamic content within a carousel on your widget. These cards can showcase various elements like images, labels, and content fetched from an API endpoint. To make the most out of Dynamic Cards, follow the step-by-step guide explained below:


Step 1: Create an Action in Action Builder

Access the Action Builder tool in your platform and create a new action. Define the Action Parameters to call an endpoint that returns a list of dynamic content. For more information on creating an action, see How to create actions in Action Builder?

Step 1. Create an Action in Action Builder.gif


Step 2: Generate Dynamic List CV

Click on the list generated by the action in the previous step. This will automatically create a Dynamic List CV.

Step 2 Generate Dynamic List CV.gif


Step 3: Configure Workflow Builder

You need to add the API action before the Dynamic Card to allow Dynamic Card to read from available APIs. Then, drag and drop the Dynamic Cards action onto the canvas.

Step 3.gif


Step 4: Set Up Dynamic List CV

In the Setup Drawer, select Dynamic List CV to fill out labels, images, and content from fields within the API action's list.

Step 4.gif


Step 5: Utilize Dynamic Card Features

After a user clicks on an item within the Dynamic Cards carousel, subsequent actions or steps within the workflow can reference other pieces of the schema from the list.

Step 5.gif

Step 6: Previewing the results

To see the Dynamic Card in action, just click the preview button located at the top of your dashboard. You can navigate through different cards by using the previous and next buttons. However, please keep in mind that once you click on a card, you won't be able to select it again.

Step 6.gif


What's not available today

  • Once the user clicks one of the options available on the Dynamic Card, the user will NOT be able to go back to change the original selected dynamic card. They must re-execute the dynamic card step in order to see the options again.


By following these steps, you can effectively implement Dynamic Cards within your customer support widget. These cards allow you to display dynamic content sourced from API endpoints in an interactive and visually appealing way. If you encounter any issues or require further help, please contact our customer support team for personalized assistance. We hope that this guide will help you leverage the benefits of Dynamic Cards and improve the user experience within your platform.

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