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Release Notes | May 2024

Announcing the general availability of Solve Widget Insights Topics

The Insights tab organizes your chatbot interaction data into topics and sub-topics for better analysis and decision-making regarding content to use, improve, and replace. This feature is important because reading the entire transcript takes too much time, and you need a way to group conversations into simple topics for faster analysis. There are limitations, as it is available only for Discover customers, and topics are expected to be created for 50-80% of chat conversations based on their quality and length. This feature is designed for customers who want to understand which types of user questions lead to a high number of non-deflections. For more information, see Topic Insights.

Solve Widget Quick Feedback available as beta for all Solve Widget customers

Quick Feedback allows you to create a single configuration to get targeted feedback whenever a knowledge base article is shown as the chatbot's response. If you want more than just up/down votes, you can add optional free-form feedback and route different intents in case a user clicks a negative response. All the data will be captured and available in the transcript and on the Insights page. There are no limitations, and once enabled, it will appear for all IR responses, including new IR, old IR, articles (step), articles (template), Dynamic Knowledge Retrieval, and manual article drag & drop. This feature is designed for you if you want targeted feedback on the article itself, rather than the entire conversation. For more information, see Solve Widget Quick Feedback.

Solve Widget Insights Topics available as beta for Discover-enabled customers

We've released the Solve Widget Insights - Topics for all customers that have Discover enabled. Topic groups all the Widget chats into simple descriptions to help your prioritize which user inquiries require your attention. You can with the total number of deflections, non-deflections, CSAT, and much more using the Topics dashboard. Please check out this article for more details.

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