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Solve Widget Quick Feedback (Beta Availability)

What is it?

Quick Feedback allows your customers to provide specific feedback on an article from your Knowledge Base. Unlike CSAT, which evaluates the overall conversation, Quick Feedback is directly associated with the message just above the thumbs-up/down icons.

Get Started (Solve / Widget Configuration / CSAT Icon / Quick Feedback Tab)

After Quick Feedback is enabled, it will appear whenever the Widget retrieves articles, regardless of whether the articles are manually selected, used in articles (steps) or articles (templates), or retrieved through Dynamic Knowledge Retrieval. Since it is a global feature, Quick Feedback can be found on the Widget Configuration page.

Scenario 1. Simple thumbs-up/down feedback

Step 1. Turn the toggle on

Step 2. Customize the question

Step 3. Review the preview screen on the left

Only configure options within the green square box


Scenario 2. Route to a specific workflow upon negative feedback

Step 1. Repeat the steps in Scenario 1

Step 2. Select the Intent to route the customer if they select negative feedback


Scenario 3. Ask for additional text-form feedback

Step 1. Repeat the steps in Scenario 1

Step 2. Configure the boxes in the green square below

Finding Data

Once the customers start giving feedback, Quick Feedback results can be found on multiple pages of the Widget dashboard. The following pages will contain the results of the Quick Feedback.

  • Articles tab (Not available for beta)
  • Topics tab (Not available for beta)
  • Conversations drawer transcript
  • Chats table quick feedback column (positive/negative/not answered) bar

The exporting capability is not available today, but it is expected to be available within the following weeks.

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