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Salesforce: Uninstall Assist

If you need to remove Assist, please follow these steps.

Remove Assist from the UI

  1. Remove Assist from all Case layouts. Simply revert the steps done during the installation.
    1. Lightning:
      1. Case > mceclip0.png > Edit page
      2. Click the trash icon
      3. Save page
      4. Re-do the procedure for all other Case layouts using Agatha
    2. Classic:
      1. from layouts > custom console component
      2. Click the remove button to delete the VisualForce Page & Save.mceclip7.png

Uninstall the package

  1. Go to setup > search for "Installed Packages"
  2. Find the AgathaAnswers packagemceclip2.png
  3. Click Uninstall
  4. Select the option: Do not save a copy of this package's data after uninstall
  5. Uninstall

You're all set!

You can reinstall the application at any time using the installation guide.

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