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What is a catch-all workflow in the workflow builder?

What is the Catch All Workflow?

The catch-all workflow allows you to build a flexible workflow for any conversations that don’t go through an intent workflow. Due to the low probability that every chat request will map to an an intent, this flow can help you catch the other portion of your customers questions!


Using the Catch All Workflow

When you start on the Forethought Dashboards Workflow builder the catch-all workflow will already be added as an intent under the title “Other Questions (Default)”. Since this is the default workflow, you will not be able to delete or deactivate this workflow.


By default the catch-all workflow will contain an article suggestion step and the default handoff if they are set up for your organization. You will also have the ability to customize both article suggestions and handoff steps just like in other workflows.


Pro tip:

  • You can edit the Catch All Workflow just like you would any other intent-based workflow. Add text steps before the article suggestion to make the intro of the default flow warmer, or customize the flow with option buttons and conditions.

Testing the Catch All Workflow

There are a few ways to test the catch all workflow. The easiest is to simply click into the intent titled "Other Question (Default)". From there you will be in the editing canvas. You want to click the eye button on the top right to preview only this workflow. 


To see what the default workflow looks like through your full widget experience we will want to make sure that free form intent detection enabled in your entry workflow, which can be found in the Configuration setting on the left bar and under the Entry Workflow sub tab. 


Navigate back to the Workflow Builder page of the dashboard and open up the widget preview (the eye button in the top right corner). You will see a free form question box pop up under your greeting and intents if you have those live. 

Type your question into the free form intent box. If there is no intent workflow that you have live detected, it will default to the catch all other question workflow. If the prompt says "It sounds like you need help with _____. Is this correct?" Then this means your question was similar enough to an intent you currently have live. (If it shouldn't have please review the training phrase under the intent you were directed to). 



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