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Proactive Prompts in Workflow Builder

The proactive prompt settings are a way to prompt users to utilize the widget while the widget is still a closed icon form. Making your widget proactively reach out to your clients is a great way to get your widget noticed and increase the traffic coming to your Forethought widget. 

Widgets proactive actions can be customized in a few ways when navigating to Widget Configuration:

  •  Add a custom prompt message

    • Configure - which can be accessed from the Prompt tab on the right sidebar
      • There is no character limit for this message, however, we advise you to keep it short and sweet for a better user experience
      • In this text, you can bold, italics, or underline. This also supports emojis ✨
      • For additional customizations on the prompt predefined context variables can be used.
      • *Note* - Translations of the prompt will also be present if applicable.

ExampleScreenshot 2023-11-21 at 3.28.30 PM.png

  •  Display intents

    • Intent options to display - Will show below the proactive prompt text if enabled
    • Configure - which can be accessed from the Prompt tab on the right sidebar 
      • Intent options - This section allows you to show intents that are ordered either by rank - auto or manual selection

If a user clicks on one of those intents the widget will automatically open and start that workflow for the user. *Intents must be live for this option to be possible.*

Example Screenshot 2023-11-21 at 3.29.08 PM.png

Setting up

You can choose to add just a custom message or a custom message and these intents for your widget. At this time, we don't allow only intents in proactive prompts. All prompts float above your unopened widget icon and disappear once a user has clicked on the icon or one of the prompts.  

All settings for the proactive widget can be found in the side panel under "Widget Configuration" on the Forethought dashboard. The configuration page has several tabs on the right side which will navigate to different configurations there will be a tab called "Prompt". Once you are here, you will see a preview of what your widget looks like at the center of the page, and on the right will be the settings to make changes. Flip the button titled "Display proactive prompt to open chat window" to show the custom prompt message text box. Once you add your message here, you should see it instantly on the static widget at the center of the page.

To customize to show proactive intents, at the bottom of the custom prompt message text box, there will be a check box titled "Display intent options". If you check this box the top 3 intents will automatically pop up under the prompt message, but above your widget icon. Additional configurations can be made at the "Theme" tab by navigating to the right-side panel and scrolling down the configuration panel until you reach "Intent options" and make your selections here.

Once you have made all the changes remember that you can preview your changes before you publish by pressing the preview button at the top of the configuration page. Once you are ready, hit the publish button at the top right of the page. If your widget is live, you should see these changes on your site. Refresh the page if they aren't immediately present. 

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