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Solve Email Dashboard Macro Controls

What is it?

The "Macro Controls" tab under in the Solve dashboard is a way for users to keep track of which macros are currently live (or not) for Solve Email.

Why is this important?

Macro controls give valuable insights into the model running their Solve Email. Beyond insights, they also provide users with the keys to turn macros off/on at any time they choose without the need to contact Forethought. Additionally, they give users a way to submit requests for macro adjustments directly to Forethought.

Trained Macro 

The "Trained Macros" tab will include a list of all macros that were included in the training data of the most current model. **note training data =/= live macros

"Macro ID" is the ID we have on our backend for that macro

"Resolutions" are the instant resolutions made by Agatha that did not need an agent's interaction after Agatha's response. 

"Active" is the override to deactivate any macros you do not want live. You can simply toggle the macro off whenever needed. Clicking on this button also opens up a panel of more information about that macro including: 

  • A link to that macro in your help desk
  • Another place to turn macros off
  • A sliding bar to send a request for more or less coverage (this will effect the amount of potential reopens) to your customer support team
  • Email filtering for that given macro

Untrained macros

The "Untrained Macros" tab is a list of all macros that have been pulled from your help desk instance(s) into our database, but we have not trained the model on. Like under the trained tab, the first column is the name of the macro in your help desk and the second is the ID we have associated. The last column is the number of times your agents have used that macro in the last 30 days. This is a great way to scope out what is automatable in the future to get more value out of Solve Email. 


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