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Assist - A Guide for Agents

Forethought's Assist Anywhere boost human potential with AI by providing your agents with the knowledge and resources they automatically to provide stellar customer experiences quickly and with a high level of quality. Forethought's AI engine reads your help desk tickets and surfaces historical tickets and knowledge articles while also providing productivity boosting features such as shortcuts, autocomplete, and automations to give your agents the tools they need to improve handle time and resolutions centered around your customer. 



To get started with Assist Anywhere, your agents will first need to install Assist Anywhere from Google Chromes Extension marketplace. To do this, please work with your Customer Success Manager. They will provide you with the a link to Forethought's Assist Anywhere extension where it can be installed to Google Chrome. 


After Installing, your agents will enter their workplace email address into the Forethought dashboard. Please note that all agent emails will need to be provided to the Forethought team for set up, or added via Forethoughts Admin tools via our dashboard. Once, the agents email has been entered, they will receive an email prompting the agent to join your workspace/team. Clicking the link provided in the email, the agent will be prompted to enter a password, and confirm that password. After entering a password, the agent will be ready to start using Assist Anywhere within your help desk. Assist Anywhere will be displayed on all pages of Chrome as a purple tab on the right side of the screen that can be moved. Clicking on the Assist Anywhere tab will toggle the full view of Assist Anywhere. Agents can expand and minimize the tab as seen fit. 

Managing the extension can be done via navigating to Chrome's extension manager. There, after selecting Assist Anywhere, your agents can enable or disable the extension.


Working in Assist Anywhere: 

Start by toggling the purple widget tab on the right hand side of the browser. When expanded, no information will be populated until you click into a support ticket. Once a ticket has been selected, Forethought's AI engine will begin to surface relevant knowledge articles and historical cases from your teams indexed sources. 

Agents can filter by knowledge type via the filters tab, below the search bar. These filters include topics like Past Tickets, Articles, Marcos, and Notes. More filters can be added depending on your support teams knowledge sources just work with your Forethought Customer Success Manager to enable more filters. 

After selecting one of the knowledge sources surfaced in Assist Anywhere, your agents will have the option to 'Apply' or 'Expand' allowing them to add the correct knowledge article or macro directly to the ticket or internal reply, or expand to verify that the article will be the best fit for the support scenario they are working on. 

Shortcuts are also available as a productivity hack for agents. When working within a support ticket, agents can navigate to their shortcuts by entering '/' in to the ticket body. A drop down menu will then appear to allow navigation of all knowledge sources without the agents hands ever leaving their keyboard reducing clicks and time spent working on a ticket. Since Assist Anywhere is a Chrome extension, agents are able to use shortcuts in other places such as Gmail, Jira, and more. 

Searching through Assist Anywhere is also available via the search bar located towards the top of the Assist Anywhere extension. Simply type in keywords to search for through all of your indexed knowledge sources. 

Generate a response by clicking on the colored circle under the purple Forethought tab. This response that is generated by Forethought's AI engine takes the ticket at hand, previous tickets, and articles into account to show agents a reasonable response to the current ticket.

To leave feedback on Assist Anywhere, agents can navigate to the top of the extension and click on the '?' - a prompt will then appear to allow the agents to provide direct feedback to the Forethought team. 


For more information about Assist Anywhere, please feel free to reach out to your Customer Success Manager or Account Executive to learn more. 


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