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Getting Started with Assist

Forethought's Assist boosts human potential with AI by providing your agents with the knowledge and resources to deliver exceptional customer experiences quickly and with a high level of quality. Forethought's AI engine reads your help desk tickets, surfaces historical tickets and knowledge articles, and offers productivity-boosting features like ticket summary, response generation, and automation. This empowers your agents with the necessary tools to improve handling time and customer-centric issue resolutions.


Get Started with Forethought Assist

  1. Reach out to your Customer Success Manager for the installation link. For more information about how to install Forethought Assist, see Forethought Assist Installation Guide.
  2. After installing, your agents will enter their workplace email addresses into the Forethought dashboard.

    Note: All agents' names and emails must be provided to the Forethought team for setup or added via Forethought's Admin tools through our dashboard. For more information, see Adding Agents to Assist.

  3. After entering the agent's email, they will receive a confirmation email with a link to join your workspace or team. When the agent clicks the link, they will be asked to create a password. After confirming the password, the agent will be all set to start using Forethought Assist within your help desk.
  4. Forethought Assist appears as a widget on the right side of the screen and can be moved around. Clicking on an action expands to the full view of Forethought Assist.
  5. Agents can manage the extension by accessing Chrome's extension manager to disable Forethought Assist.


Navigate Forethought Assist

  1. Open a ticket in your help desk and select an Assist action.
  2. The selected ticket generates a dynamic summary that refreshes with each interaction, providing the most current overview at all times. 
  3. Under the summary, a response is automatically generated based on the context of the selected ticket, historical tickets, and knowledge base articles. You can regenerate the response by requesting changes, such as making it shorter, more formal, or adjusting the tone. Additionally, you can regenerate the response in another language. For a list of supported languages, see Languages supported by Assist.
  4. Click Insert to reply and customize according to your preferences.
  5. You can add the generated reply to your notes or you can create a new note in the Notes tab. 
  6. You can also use Automations to streamline your agent's workflow. For more information, see Assist Automations - Streamline Agent Workflows.

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