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Assist Automations - Streamline Agent Workflows


Assist Automations helps consolidate and streamline CX agent workflows within a single pane. Agents no longer need to leave the helpdesk ticket page to look up needed information or process actions in other systems. This reduces context switching and helps ensure consistency in customer responses.

Setting up a connector

To get started, teams first need to set up an integration with the system they would like to build the Automation for. New integrations can be set up on the Forethought admin dashboard ‘Integrations’ page under the Settings section ( or by contacting Forethought support team.

Building and publishing an Automation

After Automations are enabled for your organization, admins will find the “Assist Automations” tab under the Assist section on the dashboard. Here, users will be able to create new automations, edit, manage, and publish existing ones. 


Clicking on “+ New Automation” will launch the Automation Builder.


For Step 1, you’ll be asked to give the new Automation a name and description. This will help describe the automation for the agents to let them know what it does.


Proceeding to Step 2, users will be prompted to now select the connector they had previously setup. Once selected, Assist Automations will automatically load the available actions that can be completed with this connection with its required inputs. 


Users can choose for required inputs to be provided by agents or they may pre-fill a hardcoded value to always run with the action. 


Values provided by agents can automatically be recorded (e.g. “order_id”) for later use.


On the next step, Step 3, users can fill out the description and ghost text fields to show that agents to help describe with information is needed to run the Automation. 


In the example below, in addition to the required inputs of “Order ID” and “Customer Email”, the user is requesting to also prompt agents to provide the “Customer Name” that can be used later in crafting the response in Step 5. 


In Step 4, users can select from a the variety of available outputs provided by the selected action previously. Users can use all, some, or none of these and capture the values for future use. 


In the example below, the user is capturing the outputs of “Carrier Name”, “Shipment Date”, “Shipment Status”, and the “Tracking Number”.


In the last step, Step 5, users can create template responses for agents to use to respond in the ticket reply or text for the agent to use internally. 


In this example, the admin has created a template response using the previously defined inputs and outputs for the agent to use to add directly to the ticket reply to save the agent time. Additionally, an internal-only view with more details was created as well to give the agent even more context on the customer’s shipment.


Finally, user admins can test their Automation to ensure it works properly. The view provided is very similar to the view agents will see within Assist. 


Once ready to share with agents, user admins will finally need to “Publish Automation”. Doing this will make the Automation available to all agents in the Assist.


Using Automations in Assist Chrome Extension

Once published, agents will see the available Automations in their Assist Chrome extension. After clicking on the relevant Automation, agents will be prompted to provide relevant inputs. 


In the example, agents are asked to provide the “Customer Email” and “Customer Name”


After the agent inputs the required information and hits enter, the Automation will run. Dependent on how the Automation was built, agents will see a template response that can be added directly to the ticket reply and/or an internal-only view with more detailed information.


Leaving Feedback

To leave feedback on Assist Anywhere, agents can navigate to the top of the extension and click on the '?' - a prompt will then appear to allow the agents to provide direct feedback to the Forethought team. 


For more information about Assist Anywhere, please feel free to reach out to your Customer Success Manager or Account Executive to learn more.


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