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Import and Edit Zendesk Macros

Zendesk Macros offer an efficient method for handling commonly used email responses. With the Solve Widget Email feature, customers who use Zendesk can directly search for Macros within their Zendesk account, import the content, and edit it within Forethought. This removes the need to manually copy and paste numerous Macros from Zendesk to Forethought, streamlining the process.


Step 1. Search your Macros

Click the Macros icon on the right pane. If your Zendesk account has been linked with Forethought, your Macros should automatically appear in the available Macro list.


Step 2. Edit your Macro

You can edit the content of each Macro in the same way you would edit an email response by clicking on it. These Macros typically include Zendesk-specific variables formatted as {{variable}}.

You must convert these to Context Variables, which are denoted by a $ symbol.

Screenshot 2023-12-04 at 12.59.40 PM.png

Step 3. Add Macro response to Email Workflow






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